Two Overs At ... Mike Ainscoe

Mike Our former newsletter editor and key 2nd XI batsman, Mike is no stranger to being in the hotseat. Here he shares his thoughts on life, music and just what it's like in the 2nd team.

How did you first get involved at TSJCC?
Read about the club in the Bury Times just as I was looking to get involved in playing again after a lengthy break. Saw the annual appeal for players, emailed Clive and was duly selected for the first 2nd team game of 2000 (I think) at ELPM. Had a call on the morning of the game from Mickey Jones, basically saying 'what do you do?' :-)

What do you do for a living?
It says - Primary Strategy Consultant!! I work supporting teaching & learning in Maths in Bury primary schools.

What’s been your best moment at the club?
How long is a moment? (just had a discussion with a colleague). For a 'big' moment - without doubt the season of 2004 - Hunter Cup and promotion!!!

And the worst?
Losing a game, being out, dropping a catch.........

Your newsletters were really popular, any plans to do more?
Well, yes; the muse often takes me and I did enjoy noodling away at them in spare moments (which are fewer and further between atm). Need to get out with the camera a bit more and keep the ears open. Even though we live in the disposable age and the website is perect for getting messages and information out, I do still like to have something 'solid' like a newsletter to read now and this space.....cameras coming with me on Boxing Day!!!!

Tell us some of your interests outside of cricket
Most things to do with music - watching, listening, reading and writing about it!!! Current listening faves - Porcupine Tree and assorted live Springsteen recordings.

Who is your favourite teammate, and why?
Apart from Rowdy (obviously) I do enjoy it when Stuart Hunter and/or Nick Hudson are in the team - 'old pros' who enjoy the game and keep everything in perspective.

What developments would you like to see at the club?
Better drainage on the 'estate side' of the ground
Extending the area around the front and side of the pavillion for seating and 'social' purposes
Baggy caps

What's your favourite ground to play at?
To be honest, I always like playing at home!!

If you could change ONE thing about TSJCC, what would it be?
All players to have club kit - well, shirts and jumpers (proper woolly ones) at least (and baggy caps).

What's your usual pre-match routine?
Just making sure I'm at the ground in plenty of time with all my kit, changed at least half an hour before the start and relaxed. Hate being rushed!

Why did the chicken cross the road?
To avoid the chicken shagger (obviously!)

If you'd like to take a turn in the hotseat, please drop Doc P a line via and we'll whizz you over some questions. We'd be delighted to hear from players, supporters, partners, friends of the club or anyone who fancies taking part - all welcome!

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