Two Overs At ... Nick Fletcher

Nick Young Fletch is a second team stalwart, a bit of a Gary Sobers with his an occasional leg spin bowling, more common medium pace, and left handed batting. Here he tells us a bit about playing with his Dad, thoughts on Rowdy, and just who provides the best cricket teas ... fortunately he's not mentioned that time Doc P dropped a hat-trick ball off him (oops!)

How did you first get involved at TSJCC?
Through Ste Moriarty. I was a student nurse in theatres at the old Bury general [hospital] and mentioned that I was thinking of getting back into cricket and Ste asked me down to the meadows for a net. Played a double header that weekend - 1st away at High View and 2nds away at Darcy Lever.

What's your favourite memory of playing at the club?
There are a few...50 for 2nds against Broadway, 8 for at Elton Vale but the best would have to be when I guested for the 1sts and while trying to stop a four went arse over tit over the wall. I stopped the four though!!!!

What's it like playing with your dad?
Good, bad and at times ugly

If you could change ONE thing about the club, what would it be?
Having one side of the ground dry as a bone and the other a bog regardless of the weather.

What's your favourite Rowdy story?
Blimey a toughy this one. It has to be his catching style. Some choose fingers up, some fingers down, Rowdy seems to have chosen to bounce it off his chest and then cup it!

Tell us your hobbies outside of cricket?
Looking after kids...with another on the way! Watching FC Utd I guess.

What's your favourite cricket tea?
Greenfield CC feast. You cant beat tuna/mayo butties though.

What's your favourite ground to play at?
Greenfield because of the food, small boundaries and usually we end up with a crowd watching us which is pretty rare for team 2.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
One for Rowdy that I think!

If you could have a theme song to accompany you to the crease, what would it be?
The theme tune from Blazing Saddles... or perhaps the line from the same film "oh sh*t here comes mongo".

Who is your favourite teammate, and why?
Andy Smith I guess as we started at the club about the same time and generally he's a nice bloke who used to bowl me a lot when I did my legspin bit and he was skipper. Maybe a bit too much at Broadway a couple of seasons ago!!!!

What's your cricketing ambition for 2010?
To carry on improving my batting from last season after three seasons of pants batting(!) ... and bowling a bit too.

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