Two Overs At ... Ry Marsh

RyanHe comes from a family of big personalities, but young Ryan is starting to emerge as a character in his own right. In this feature we find out what makes him tick, how he feels about playing with family members, and some of the amusing stuff he's seen!

When did you start playing for TSJ?
11 years old, springhead away came in at number 9 for hat trick ball and top edged the hat trick ball for 6 off Keith Lees to a boundary less than 20 yards to win the game.

Describe your role in the side
Started as a bowler that couldn't bat, now I'm a batter that can't bowl (never been a fielder).

What's been your best moment so far?
Winning back to back titles under a captain (Watty) that gave opportunities to who he believed deserved them.

What's the funniest thing you've seen on the field?
Our second team batting first and our opening batter (can't remember his name) went out to bat and went down with cramp before a ball was bowled and couldn't continue so came off the field and number 3 batsman came out to bat (Abbers) and got out first ball. 2 players down off 1 ball.

Tell us a bit about your work at Bury Ladies?
I went to the football college at Bury FC, the coach from the college is also the first team manager for Bury Ladies (Paul). Me and another lad (James) from the college asked if we could get work experience for a college unit. After some time Paul named us assistant coaches of both the first and second team at Bury Ladies. Our role involves taking warm ups, sessions, parts of sessions and assisting the managers of the teams.

How competitive are you with your dad and uncle?
Hard to be competitive with 2 people that have more experience and ability, so when either of us perform I am happy when but secretly sometimes wish I do better than them. As they both say the beer tastes 10 times better after a win!

What's your favourite thing about the club, and what could be better?
Favourite things about the club is that it's a friendly club, get on well with everyone, the desire to always get better on and off the field. More competitive on the field for both teams - but that has massively been increased this season.

What other sports do you enjoy?
Away from cricket I enjoy watching, playing and coaching football, I also enjoy watching and playing golf.

Tidy boyRyan also enjoys cleaning the changing rooms

What's your all-time world cricket XI?
Alistair Cook, Hashim Amla, Joe Root, Kane Williamson, AB De Villiers, Andrew Flintoff, Shane Warne, Mitchell Johnson, Trent Boult, Dale Steyn, James Anderson.

What ambitions do you have?
Coach football at highest level possible and to play cricket at best level possible whilst still enjoying it.

Favourite TV show?
Coronation Street.

If you had to be stranded in a lift with one other club member, who would it be and why?
Phil Yates (Rowdy) so he can tell me for the 150th time about all the rules of cricket.

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