Two Overs At ... Sail Sukha

Sail Here's our resident all-round leg spinning star, but what makes him tick, who are his idols and what does he consider to be his finest moment at Totts? Read on to find out more about Sail!

How did you get involved at Totty St Johns?
I had played for Chew Moor Brook (Metal Box CC) for over 20yrs, the sports ground where we used to play asked us to leave as they wanted only football. The team went to Westhoughton CC to become their 3rd team, my opportunities to play became limited. After initially retiring I decided to look for another club. I had played against TSJCC a number of times and always found them to be friendly ,so decided to email the club it has been a great move for me and have made many new friends

Describe your playing style in 50 words or less
I like to play aggressive attacking cricket without the verbals towards the opposition while bowling and fielding but am more cautious when batting maybe too defensive at times, being quick between the wickets helps keep the scoreboard ticking over but I should attack more, bowler who can bat a bit

Who’s your perfect teammate, and why?
He’s not perfect all the time but it would have to be Ryan Stoney. On his day he’s a top all-rounder. Lethal with the ball, can be destructive with the bat, is the best fielder in the club, his will not to give in matches mine, encourages everyone on the field, he actually motivates me to play well

What’s your favourite away ground to play at?
Darcy Lever, whenever I play there I always seem to score well and take wickets

Who are your sporting heroes and influences?
Sachin Tendulkar - no need to say anything about this man, his career says it all. Cricket has been the biggest influence on my life, started playing at cricket again at the age of 23 when my life was in turmoil in with the wrong crowd. Cricket gave me a way out, it's a gentleman's sport and I learned a lot from the old timers who I played with. Changed my life around completely

Tell us 3 fun facts about you that people might not know
I teach yoga to a class of women (no you're not attending Watty), am actually a lightweight when it comes to drinking alcohol unlike my fellow team mates and no I don’t dye my hair

What are your career best performances with bat and ball?
I scored 66 opening the batting in my first final (but lost) once took 7 – 15 which included a hat-trick

What’s the most memorable moment you’ve had playing for Totts?
Most of last year was memorable concluding with winning the league, but the day we beat East Lancs Paper Mill with the last pair at the wicket needing a single to win was one of the best on field celebrations I have ever been involved in

If you could be in any movie, what would it be?
Would have to be Slumdog Millionaire - winning the money and getting the beautiful girl can't get better than that

What's your favourite meal?
It’s a typical meal for a Indian – Gammon, egg and chips

If you were stuck in an elevator with 1 person, who would you most like to be stuck with and who would least like to be stuck with?
I am going to relate this question to someone from the club, being stuck in the lift with Kate Cross would be good, talking cricket of course my knowledge of women’s cricket is poor and she could enlighten me. Least person will have to be Mick Durrans his moaning is legendary and I would not be able to get away from it

If you could suggest one improvement to be made at Totty what would it be?
Due to my leg spinners being carted over the fence into the river on regular basis, a nice high fence would help stop us losing balls

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