Two Overs At ... Paul Skundric

Scunners The man, the legend, give him a clap on the back, it's Scunners! Read about his impending marriage, his thoughts on the club, and where his daft catchphrases come from.

How did you get involved with TSJCC?
I met Steven Moriarty through work and he introduced me to the club.

What have been your highlights to date - on and off the pitch?
Winning the cup final last year against our biggest rivals was massive for me.

If you could change one thing about the club, what would it be?
I wouldn't change anything, I have seen it grow and improve over the years and that's good enough for me.

What's your favourite - and least favourite - ground?
Least favourite - Catholic Club, horrible ground and no bar. Favourite - Home.

Who's your favourite teammate, and why?
I've got lots all the guys are great but my top one is Diggers.

Tell us about your line in phrases - give yourself a clap on the back, BOOM, calling everyone "Shagger" ... what's that all about?
I just like to lark about, I refuse to grow up.

What sort of music do you like?
Michael Buble, Indie and a bit of classical when I'm cooking.

Congrats on the upcoming wedding ... excited, nervous or both?
Both. As soon as the speech is out of the way I'll be fine.

What's your ideal holiday destination?

Arsenal are pants. Discuss.
You and I both know that Arsenal are NOT pants. Although Sarah agrees with you.....but what does she know.

What are your cricketing aims for 2011?
My first priority is winning the league. Second priority is hitting a ton. And last but not least is getting hammered after every match.

Finally, and most importantly, who does the best teas in the NMCL?
We do a pretty good tea but apart from us Robinsons do a good one too.

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