Two Overs At ... Jasmine Titmuss

Jasmine It's time to say hello to the Lancashire women's skipper, our very own Jasmine Titmuss. Find out what she really knows about Tottington, her sporting idols and what she'd do if she ever got trapped in the dressing room on her own ...

Welcome to Tottington, Jasmine! We hope you like hills. Tell us absolutely everything you know about Tottington in no more than 100 words ...
Erm, I am originally from down South, so I know that Tottington is in the borough of Bury, it has lots of nice hills and it has a dungeon!!!!

What's been your best, and worst, moment playing cricket?
Ok, my best moment in cricket is one of the following, taking 5 wickets for England Academy in a T20 match v’s South Africa at Berkshire CC, and captaining Lancashire Women’s 1st Team last season and seeing us promoted back into Division 1! My worst cricketing moment is a good one, you will like this. It was a lovely sunny day, Kate Cross and I were opening the bowling in an England Academy match vs New Zealand. It was the 3rd over of the game, Crossy and I had had an over each. I was minding my own business down at fine leg and the opener dinked Crossy down to 3rd man. She thought she had the first 4 of the game and out of nowhere I dived on it, which is a very rare happening! The England selectors were literally standing at the sight screen having a good look at Crossy’s bowling so I thought I should make the effort. I committed so much to the dive, I stopped the ball, threw it back in only letting them scamper a 2…………..the only problem was, my trousers were round my ankles! Let’s just say I got selected into the training squad that winter!

Who's your favourite teammate and why?
My favourite teammate has to be Ellie Threlkeld. Our young keeper who just makes me giggle! She is the quiet assassin type, doesn’t speak very often but when she does she makes me giggle!

The Totts lads and lasses are known for not taking themselves very seriously at all. How do you think you'll fit in?
I will fit in like a house on fire. I am probably the least serious person around, I take my cricket, my work and my life seriously when I have to, but off the field, out of the office and most of the time at home I am a little terror!!!

Who is your biggest influence, sporting or otherwise?
A very cliché answer, but my Granddad and my big cousin Ben are my biggest influences. My granddad was the captain at our village cricket club for about 30 years and he was a very good footballer in his day! He just encouraged me to try everything, he used take me to the park for some batting practice his best advice was ‘maybe you should try bowling’ so here I am! My cousin was also captain for the clubs 1st team, I used to go and watch him bat with Stephen Fleming who was our overseas at the time and I just wanted to get out and play, he was a massive influence in my cricket career!

If you were stranded in the Lancs changing room for a week, what 3 things would you miss the most?
Cooking, I eat about 8 times a day and love making my meals! My piano, one of my favourite things on earth! The gym, I like to try and tie myself over with a bit of fitness, otherwise I would be obese!!!

Tell us three things about yourself that people might not know?
I once sang at the Royal Albert Hall when I was younger! I play the piano, I finished all my grades so I just have a mess around now and then. I am a special constable for Cheshire Police!

What's your biggest cricketing achievement to date, and what's your biggest goal?
My biggest cricket achievement has to be similar to the ones above, probably leading Lancashire to promotion from Division 3 to Division 1 last season. I am 25 now and had probably had my representative days so I am going to say my biggest goal now is to take Lancashire onto win Division 1 so that we can go and meet the Queen at Buckingham Palace!

If you could take the lead role in any movie, what would it be, and who would you like to co-star with?
Oh god! This is a hard one! I would probably be Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music, it is my ultimate favourite! I would obviously have to have her as my singing voice over! If I could co-star with someone it would be Denzel Washington, he is my favourite actor!!!

It's an exciting time for women's cricket in general - how are the Lancashire stars of tomorrow shaping up, and who should we watch out for?
The squad is absolutely fantastic. We are a young side, but the girls are so passionate and really working hard. We have a number of players in the England set up, Kate Cross is going to go on and have a wonderful career for England, and you need to watch out for Emma Lamb, our opening batsman who is in the England Academy, Ellie Threlkeld our keeper/batsman again on the England Women’s Development Programme (EWDP). Our new signing from Cheshire Sophie Ecclestone who is on the EWDP and obviously our overseas Meg Phillips who is only 19 and plays for Tasmania Roar! Watch this space!

Do you have any pre-match superstitions?
Yes I am terrible. I have to start the day with a slice of toast, two poached eggs and some baked beans, if I don’t I think the world is going to end! I have a little routine to warm up from where I put my bag in the changing room, to what time I am out on the field and what I do in warm up! I have to bowl exactly 4 full run up overs before the game and do 20 short ground pick-ups back into the keeper!! I have OCD if you haven’t noticed!!!!

You've had time to think now. Tell us something else you know about Tottington?
I just googled that it has a population of 9,389 people!!!

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