Two Overs At ... Nicki Wilcox

Nicki The womens team resident joker, Nicki Wilcox is an all-round sportswoman with a penchant for mischief. She's hopelessly devoted to her fella, her work and her sport, and here she fills us in on just how much she wears the trousers ...

Before we crack on, tell us a few random things about yourself?
Ok, well first of all I am not a teacher, I am a HLTA (higher level teaching assistant), I teach PE at my school, Huncoat Primary, Accrington. My school football team are unbeaten in the league for two seasons and earlier last month they won the chance to represent Accy Stanley at Wembley!!! I will finally get to live one of my dreams and stand on the hallowed turf.

Very keen sportswoman, football, hockey and cricket being my thing. I have played hockey and football at high levels, football especially having played for PNE ladies. Last year I had knee surgery, complete reconstruction of my ACL, last weekendís game was my first competitive game since! I am a very small 26 year old, with a very large gob! Lol far too much energy!

Originally from Manchester, now live in Longridge with my fella of 7 years. He is captain of the 2nd team at Longridge CC. We first met after I accidently went home in his jacket. His name is NICKY WILKINSON very similar to mine NICKI WILCOX. I went home with his footy jacket that said NW 8, I thought it was mine, we rowed, then love blossomed! (sorry if this made you puke!)

How did you get into cricket?
So as previously stated above, I have Nick to thank for this. I got involved in being the new generation of tea ladies, then was asked if I would like to do my level 1 coaching qualification, this then led to a flurry of girls wanting to play the game and BAM!! LLCC was born. In my first competitive ladies I captained the side to a fabulous win against Rawtenstall I think, I also scored 101 NO!!!! BOOOOOM! From then on I was selected for the menís 5th for the next 5, 6 games, a huge shock if Iím honest, wasnít ready!

Who are your biggest influences?
My biggest influences in life are my Mum, my coaches, my friends, people who just constantly keep me going!!! My friends however are a bad influence when it comes to drinking!!!!

What are your main interests away from cricket?
I absolutely love my job so I am constantly thinking about ways I can improve things at work, and of the course the sports, especially football! But then again cricket is usually when we get the good weather, and good weather can only mean one thing BEER AND BBQ (Editor's note - that's 2 things ... good job you're not a maths assistant eh?).

What role do you play in the side Ė batter / bowler / all-rounder / none of the above?
The joker! Lol erm I guess a batter, probs 4, 5. I am can bowl, medium pace but if youíre looking for someone to win the game with the ball, itís not me.

If you could play any part in any movie, what would it be?
Ana from 50 shades of grey!! I like red lol. No, of course it would be MYSELF! I would have a movie made of my life and play myself! haha

Whatís the best ground youíve played at, and who makes the best teas?
Erm, Longridge of course!!!

Womenís cricket is very much on the up Ė who are your favourite players?
I have met Charlotte Edwards a few times and had coaching sessions with her, she gave me some excellent tips on my pull shot! Sheís a great leader and thatís how I see myself.

Whatís your biggest cricketing ambition?
When I first started I often thought that I wish I had started sooner, I would have loved to have played county level and have often been told I could have. Now at 26 Iím just happy to have the chance to play competitive ladies cricket.

Whatís your dream job?
Already doing it, although I would have loved to be a professional sportsperson, an ambassador for female sports.

Tell us something youíve learned about Tottington?
Only been once but I noticed it rains (a lot), itís hilly, thereís a hole in the ground (drainage I presume), really hurt when I my ankle went in it! I think Iím gonna like it here!!!

What are the three things you own that you couldnít live without?
My phone, my trainers and my boyfriend lol (I wear the trousers)

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