Bury Art Museum Exhibition

To commemorate the 2012 Olympics Bury Art Museum will be displaying some of the fabulous sporting trophies held in Bury's Museum collection. The exhibition will feature trophies, cups, medals, plaques Ė sporting silverware donated by the various sporting clubs in Bury and its surrounding Boroughs. It will also feature items from Bury's very own Olympians Barrie Kelly & Andrea Holt and trophies loaned by local sporting clubs.

As part of the exhibition, TSJCC and Brooksbottom CC are delighted to have contributed the Boxing Day trophies which we play for annually.

Among the items on display is the original Brian Statham Trophy, contested for in all weather conditions on Boxing Day from 1963 to 2005 by Brooksbottom Cricket Club and Bolton Road Methodists Cricket Club (now Elton Vale CC). Also displayed is the Nat West Boxing Day Trophy contested for since 2006 by Brooksbottoms CC and Tottington St. Johnís Cricket Club. A range of programmes is also featured, including the 25th Anniversary programme with details of each of the first 25 games! There are also some recent paper clippings and match reports which pay testament to the popularity of this game and its enduring appeal.

For more details of the Boxing Day game why not look at our page here: Boxing Day cricket or visit Brox page at http://www.brooksbottom.play-cricket.com

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