Two Overs At ... Jen Laycock

Jen She was the leading figure in bringing women's cricket to Crompton Meadows but who is Jenny Laycock? We discover more about her interests away from cricket, her passion for the women's game and its development, and discover which Lancs star got into some water-related trouble ...

Briefly(!) describe your role with women and girls cricket in Lancashire?
My role encompasses everything to do with women and girls cricket in the county. This could be primary school coaching, brownies taster sessions, club development, county squad training and EPP.

How excited are you about recent developments in women's sport, and what has been the biggest change?
Very excited, we have seen huge steps forward in all aspects. I think the biggest and most impact we have seen in the women's cricket has been the media coverage and the brand we now have. It's brought so much more exposure for the girls game.

What's been the highlight of your playing career to date?
My highlight, I have 2, firstly playing a game with both my brother and my dad in which me and my brother opened the batting. Something not many families can say they have done. Secondly was being asked to captain Lancashire Women following in Arran Brindle's footsteps.

Who are your sporting idols?
My sporting idols, I was a cyclist when I was younger and have always admired the dedication they have to the sport so Chris Hoy would be one. My other idol would be Arran Brindle, I played a lot of cricket with her in my younger years and learnt so much from her as a captain and player.

We're not the most serious bunch down at Totty - how will you fit in?
I do have quite a serious side generally at work but I do have a pretty good sense of humour and have grown up around a cricket club so have plenty of banter!

Tell us about your other interests and hobbies?
I have a keen interest in wildlife, in particular birds of prey. I link this with photography and love spotting birds, my team mates find this hilarious. One time in Wales, the senior county side were playing and out scorer had binoculars, I borrowed them and instead of looking at the game, I had them glued to the sky and the Red Kites circling!

What one development or change in women's sport would you most like to see?
I would like to see the media embrace the opportunists women's sport provides and see more and more females and their sport benefit from the coverage.

What are your best individual performances?
I was the first female to take a senior 5 wicket haul in the Ribblesdsle League and took 7-17 in the Cup semi final, even more impressive as it was the day after my engagement party and we were out until 5am!

Is there a particularly funny cricketing incident you've seen or been involved in that you'd like to share?
I have one about our captain Jasmine! The Lancashire women were playing t20 and the heavens had opened flooding the pitches. Some of our girls decided to go slide around in the water including Jasmine. However she returned to the changing rooms dripping and half an hour later the water was gone and we were out playing. Jasmine was minus her soaking pants. First ball she ran in fell over and exposed her bare rear end to the umpire! You couldn't have written it any better!

Who are the players we should keep an eye on at Totts and for Lancs?
For Totts you should watch out for some of the youngsters including Abi Henson who we found last summer and has progressed quickly into the county set up. For Lancs we are excited to welcome Meg from Aus, she will play a key role in the side and bring plenty of experience.

Aside from what you do, what's your dream job?
My dream job is a wildlife photographer! I would love to be out in the wilderness taking photos of animals. However I recon I have a pretty much dream job at the moment!

Tell us something you've learned about Totty St Johns in the past 12 months?
I have learnt that the club is a close knit community and everyone is very welcoming! I have also learnt never to ring/meet Kieran when you are in a rush as he can talk for England (and so say all of us - Ed)!!!!

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