Scott and Cotters

Scott took to the floor at the 2015 AGM to reflect on what was an incredible 2014 for the club, and to look forward to even more excitement and club development in 2015.

Putting together my opening remarks for the AGM allows me to reflect on the last 12 months at our club and in doing so I dug out my remarks from last year's meeting. Whilst I don't expect any of you to remember my speech I based it around the need for extra help as we continue to grow. On the whole that plea for help was heeded and no more so than during the inaugural Totty's Big Day Out which was a massive success and one we are repeating again this year.

By way of an update on some of the developments we had planned for 2014, you will hopefully be aware that we secured a grant in excess of £50,000 to enable the 1st floor extension to be built which will incorporate the new home changing room (and balcony) along with a 2nd changing room for when we have mixed cricket. The extension will be built at the end of this season and will be ready for 2016.

To finish the look backwards, who would have thought when we were sat here 12 months ago that we would have 'adopted' a senior women's side including England internationals which in turn would have led to Winter nets for girls at Totty High School. I would like to thank Kieran particularly for his fantastic support of this training along with all those that have helped including the sadly recently departed Derek Kay.

Letís now look forward to 2015, a year in which we will have 2 senior cricket sides, a senior ladies side playing in the Womenís Northern League and a mixed under 11ís side playing in a newly established Bury league Ė not forgetting our rounders ladies who will be hoping to develop further in 2015.

Off the pitch, as already mentioned we will be holding the second TBDO and Boxing Day cricket returns to Crompton Meadows at the end of the year. Your committee has made some brave financial decision that will be put to you later in the meeting, my request as always is please support these events and the club in general in whatever way you can. We are particularly looking for new blood on the committee which meets on the first Wednesday of each month, do put your name forward later in the meeting and have a say in how your club is run.

Finally I just wanted to thank all those that have given their time to the sports club during the last 12 months and in particular my colleagues on the committee who between them provide hundreds and hundreds of hours of time free of charge, the club remains in very safe hands.

Thanks for listening, please contribute tonight with any comments, observations or challenge and support our club, support your captains and enjoy a great season of cricket and rounders in 2015.

I Will if You Will Biffaward

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