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1st XI

9 wins, 8 defeats, 3 abandoned, total points 46, total spectators 824 (bar takings 1944)

Date Opponent Result Points Spectators Bar takings
26/04/2020WormholesLOST by 53 runs01514
03/05/2020Ashton LadyboysLOST by 1 wickets04019
10/05/2020Viral Boys ClubABANDONED / No Result24560
17/05/2020The ValeWON by 6 wickets450118
24/05/2020Catholic SloggersWON by 6 wickets453132
31/05/2020BrookybuttsLOST by 51 runs0405
07/06/2020Nice Teas, DerekLOST by 5 wickets0306
14/06/2020Moneybags XIABANDONED / No Result261147
21/06/2020Bluebell Hill CCWON by 16 runs439181
28/06/2020Load of Bankers CCWON by 2 wickets429166
05/07/2020Bluebell Hill CCWON by 23 runs549452
12/07/2020FaroutcliffLOST by 39 runs02816
19/07/2020Gravytrain CCWON by 76 runs41642
26/07/2020St Winifred's School ChoirboysLOST by 85 runs04310
02/08/2020Load of Bankers CCLOST by 7 wickets02723
09/08/2020Nice Teas, DerekLOST by 4 wickets06278
16/08/2020BrookybuttsABANDONED / No Result260129
23/08/2020FaroutcliffWON by 17 runs53692
30/08/2020EvenmeadowsWON by 8 wickets55584
06/09/2020One of Minaj's Former ClubsWON by 87 runs546170

2nd XI

13 wins, 6 defeats, 1 abandoned, total points 59, total spectators 528 (bar takings 1684)

Date Opponent Result Points Spectators Bar takings
26/04/2020Gravytrain CCWON by 2 wickets415114
03/05/2020BrookybuttsWON by 23 runs435154
10/05/2020BluehillLOST by 8 wickets0169
17/05/2020West Yorks Paper MillWON by 54 runs545185
24/05/2020BrookybuttsLOST by 8 wickets03614
31/05/2020BrookybuttsWON by 2 wickets545114
07/06/2020BluehillWON by 8 wickets51395
14/06/2020WhiteleyLOST by 9 wickets01617
21/06/2020WormholesLOST by 54 runs03942
28/06/2020The ValeLOST by 5 wickets0137
05/07/2020BluehillWON by 6 wickets41062
12/07/2020Barmy ArmyLOST by 3 wickets01813
19/07/2020Catholic SloggersWON by 27 runs523109
26/07/2020Load of Bankers CCWON by 8 wickets438127
02/08/2020Ashton LadyboysWON by 6 wickets41667
09/08/2020Benidorm AlkysWON by 7 wickets43121
16/08/2020WhiteleyWON by 4 wickets431121
23/08/2020One of Minaj's Former ClubsWON by 95 runs538304
30/08/2020Nice Teas, DerekWON by 4 wickets43289
06/09/2020Benidorm AlkysABANDONED / No Result21820

3rd XI

9 wins, 10 defeats, 1 abandoned, total points 43, total spectators 346 (bar takings 1783)

Date Opponent Result Points Spectators Bar takings
26/04/2020EvenmeadowsABANDONED / No Result222140
03/05/2020Load of Bankers CCWON by 42 runs520209
10/05/2020WormholesLOST by 30 runs01018
17/05/2020One of Minaj's Former ClubsWON by 1 wickets420110
24/05/2020Load of Bankers CCLOST by 8 wickets01315
31/05/2020Gravytrain CCLOST by 5 runs01217
07/06/2020Viral Boys ClubWON by 69 runs51186
14/06/2020BluehillLOST by 10 wickets01924
21/06/2020BluehillWON by 69 runs5981
28/06/2020Bluebell Hill CCWON by 2 wickets419100
05/07/2020Benidorm AlkysLOST by 100 runs02350
12/07/2020Nice Teas, DerekWON by 9 wickets422191
19/07/2020Nice Teas, DerekLOST by 4 wickets01823
26/07/2020Moneybags XIWON by 2 wickets515203
02/08/2020Ashton LadyboysLOST by 65 runs01112
09/08/2020EvenmeadowsLOST by 32 runs01725
16/08/2020The ValeWON by 95 runs523141
23/08/2020Nice Teas, DerekWON by 7 wickets426271
30/08/2020Load of Bankers CCLOST by 4 wickets02557
06/09/2020Bluebell Hill CCLOST by 10 wickets01110

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