Tottington Sports Club Community Radio Launches

Making a balls upTottington Sports Club is delighted to announce the launch of TSC FM, the brand new local community radio station serving the Tottington area. Broadcast village-wide on 96.9 FM, TSC FM really does aim to make a balls up of local radio!

Plans for TSC FM commenced in Autumn 2012, when Club President David Nuttall MP became aware of changes to regulations surrounding the award of local radio licenses. He tipped off the committee, and after protracted negotiations with Ofcom, a license was secured in January 2014. We then commissioned Les Deegan to knock up a radio mast, and three months later, everything is now in place!


Blending in nicely The photograph on the right was taken at the practice game held down at Crompton Meadows on Saturday, and shows just how well the 450 foot mast blends in to the countryside surrounding the ground. Eagle-eyed readers will of course note that in order to make way for the mast, the recently-acquired outdoor net structure had to be demolished.

Club Chairman Scott Parkinson was keen to point out that sacrifices are a big part of running a sports club:

"Obviously we thought long and hard about the positioning of the radio mast. The alternative was of course to knock down the pavilion, which was frankly untenable. Clearly we still need the money the Marshes put over the bar to fund our radio license so removing their drinking den was a non-starter. The new nets looked great but to be fair they'd never been used, and who needs cricket anyway?"


Hud at the decks

The new radio control centre has been placed in the scoreboard hut - the photograph shows the legendary Nicholas Garvey Hudson taking the decks for a trial spin at the weekend. The Hud is just one of many club members lined up for a stint at the turntables, and is expected to entertain the local area through the night with his smooth playlist.

Other items on the playlist will include:

Maximum Wattyage - Rock on with Watty, as he brings you serious anthems and hairdressing tips all in one power-packed hour
Dickie P's Drive Time - A petrolhead's dream as Richard reveals the latest in outfield mower equipment, blended with the soothing tones of the Bluebells
The CDO Show - Two hours of intensive Yorkshire guff from Kieran; listen and don't interrupt!

From O’er t’hill:
"I like what I say and I say what I like”
Interviewing Yaaaarkshire Exiles and commenting upon regional news affairs:
That blooooody Cameron dunt know owt! What you think Dickie?"

Glee Club - Marshy brings us the latest tunes from the hit TV show, plus a host of a cappella faves!
Listen with Mother - Kath guides us as to where you can buy a case of diet coke for under 24p a can - vital savings in these times of austerity. All mixed with some heavyweight West Coast Rap.
Breakfast Time with Russ and Clive - let the Brooks boys ease you into the day with serious AOR and early morning bickering!
Jennie From the Block - ladies rounders starlet Jen Firth brings you some seriously happening shizzle (innit?)

... and of course news, topical shows and our weekend sports programming, with ball-by-ball action from every home game brought to you exclusively on TSC FM!


Maintenance effortOf course a key element in the acquisition of our radio station is to retain the character of our club, which is why we asked Dasher to place a brand new "Rowdy Hill" sign some 300 feet up the mast on Saturday. I think you'll agree it'll provide Rowdy with a magnificent new vantage point every other week!

TSC FM will hit the airwaves on Sunday April 13th as we take on Greenmount in a pre-season friendly. Listeners as far afield as the Towns Meadow, Old Doctors Field and Tower Farm should be able to listen in crystal-clear reception: after that it gets a bit fuzzy.

If you wish to get involved with TSC FM or want to send us any feedback please get in touch via the hotline at


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